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Get Pure

Get Pure

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The hair purify MARVEL. Unique & effective hair cleansing system

The L'avant Garde patented technology is a uniquely effective hair cleansing system. It will enhance every aspect of their chemical service (hair color, lightening and relaxing). Use prior to any chemical service and your colors will pop, your blondes will be brighter and clients hair will feel so so healthy!


What Is It?

Avant Garde patented technology with a uniquely effective hair cleansing system, which addresses the needs of professional hair stylists and consumers alike for a product that enhances every aspect of their chemical services by demineralizing and detoxifying hair (hair color, perms, lightening and relaxing).

How Does It Work?

Get Pure employs a unique blend of mild surfactants, natural chelating agents extracted from rice, and other effective ingredients which work together to purify the hair of all types of contamination including metallic, medications, "swimmers' green", as well as cosmetic and styling aids buildup. This can all be done in a single application without the need to pre- or post-shampoo, as required by most


- Poor gray coverage or uneven color!
- Complaints of premature color washout!
- Excessive heat buildup with foils!
- Runny color or bleach in foils!
- Bleach that “fizzles” and fails to lift!
- Resistant hair that appears to defy perming!
- Perms that relax extensively after a service!
- Stubborn green or rusty tints in swimmers’ hair!
- Ugly surprises with clients returning from travel!


No salons or hair stylists think it can happen to them. We tell ourselves that we would be able to prevent a chemical reaction of this degree before it ever got that far. Most, if not all, of these cases could have been prevented entirely if the hair and scalp were pretreated prior to chemical application. When we think of dirty and polluted hair, we think it is something the naked eye can see, like styling build-up, soil or dust, or when discoloration is visible such as the greenish cast on swimmers hair. Unfortunately, the worst offenders, namely metals, cannot be seen even under the most powerful microscope and they build up over time. Everyone has some level of exposure to metals such as copper, iron, magnesium, lead, chromium and others from any other following sources:


1. Pour 2 oz. of GET PURE into a bowl or an application bottle. 2. Section dry hair and apply generously either with a brush or bottle. 3. DO NOT massage into scalp. 4. Cover with plastic cap. 5. Apply medium heat for 5-10 min. Longer if heavy contamination. 6. Wet hair, lather, rinse thoroughly and condition.